A large selection of custom-made valves

Trueline and Flowrox are two suppliers of specialty valves that provide clients with high-quality products suitable for their particularly abrasive or corrosive operations. Trueline is recognized for offering a large selection of pre-designed and custom-made metal valves that adapt to any type of application. Flowrox is specialized in the manufacturing of check valves with single or double grips, the latter of which possesses an actuator with 3,000,000 duty cycles. Additionally, the company supplies 14 different types of rubber valve sleeves, as well as a complete selection of knife gate valves reinforced with both rubber coating and a metal ring.

Note that both manual and automated models are available with either supplier.

Valves and pumps

When it comes to valves, pumps and heavier vehicle systems, you can count on Flowrox. With more than 35 years of experience working with polymer technologies, the company is a proven source for cost-effective technical and industrial solutions. In fact, Flowrox was the first pinch valve manufacturer in the world to receive the ISO9001:2000 quality management certification in 1997. This certification covers all operating phases, from product design to after-market support. Having installed more than 100,000 components worldwide, Flowrox’s achievements have allowed us to compile a global and comprehensive profile of clients’ varied needs based on the environment within which each operates; for example, mining, metallurgy, concrete, pulp and paper, chemicals and any other industry where corrosion and abrasion are a natural by-product of the harsh working conditions.

Examples of specialty valves and pumps we supply include:

  • Control (or check) valves
  • Knife gate valves
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Metering (or dosing) pumps
  • Worm (or eccentric screw) pumps

Progressive cavity and peristaltic metering pumps

Unparalleled in their dosing accuracy, Flowrox’s metering pumps are the most effective in regards to cyclical measures and the most suitable for chemical dosing operations, promising the highest quality results. Furthermore, the company’s flexible peristaltic pumps rely on a sophisticated rolling system that significantly reduces friction and energy costs.

Equipped with a rotor and spiral stator, the progressive cavity pump is remarkably rigid and impenetrable, allowing it to attain a 10-bar pressure rating and a high performance level even with low-rotational rotor cycles. Ideal for low-shear processes and pumping operations in abrasive, corrosive, viscous or otherwise difficult environments, this type of pump promises reliable results.

Chemical and mud pumps

Wilfley pumps were designed to provide maximum versatility in regards to both their sealing capabilities and their scope of application. The company offers a diverse range of single or double mechanical-sealed pumps, as well as other configurations without mechanical or braided seals that do not require a water supply to operate. Fabricated and cast in a foundry near Denver, Colorado for 90-plus years, Wilfrey pumps continue to be largely employed in many industries today due to their unmatched performance and superior quality.

Submersible pumps

When it comes to submersible pumps, GPM-Eliminator’s robust and reliable products are the golden market standard. This type of mud pump was designed for industrial use in some of the most difficult and demanding environments, such as waters containing a high percentage (about 70 percent) of solid matter like mud. Thanks to GPM-Eliminator’s innovative solutions, your process applications will continue to work efficiently for years to come.

Sulphuric acid and other pumps

Ensival Moret is the world leader in industrial pumps for use in particularly corrosive and abrasive conditions. Their expertise relies on years of experience catering to clients in specialized areas of activity where pumping heavy liquids is common practice, such as mines, refineries and chemical facilities. Committed to delivering continued improvements in product design to the benefit of various industrial sectors (in particular mining), Ensival Moret has focused all of its energy on developing the most sophisticated line of EMW signature pumps to see to its clients’ immediate and long-term needs.

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